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Okay giveaway time! 

As thanks for all the new followers, I will be doing a 25$ RP giveaway!


-Must be following me

-Reblogs AND likes count

-NA server ONLY (it only works on NA :P)

-Must have inbox open

-Must reply within 48 hours

-No spam

This giveaway ends 9 PM EST (6 PM PDT) August 1st. I will be using a random number generator to determine the winner.

Good luck!

Okay guys! Here’s a challenge… My friend c9meteos-is-my-dad is also doing an rp giveaway, and I want to kick his ass! SO if this giveaway gets more notes than his at the end (as in if this giveaway has more notes at 9 PM August 1st) then I will add a second place winner for a 10$ rp card! SO GOGOGOGOGO REBLOG AND LIKE! If it doesn’t get more notes, THERE WILL BE NO SECOND PLACE. So let’s show him up ;D (btw he’s doing a giveaway too so this is kind of a promo I guess lmao)
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