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=====——->UPDATED PREORDER INFO<——-======


Ok, so this is a personal project I’ve been working on for a while and it looks like it’s finally happening, I’m very excited! For those of you who don’t know, these are silicone padded mousepads, like these examples!

The total cost of each mousepad will be $25 +shipping! Yes, I can do international shipping! You can pre-order the mousepad with $10 + shipping!, or there’s also bundles available if you’re interested in getting more than one.

Important things to note however, THESE ARE ONLY PREVIEWS AND MAY NOT REFLECT EXACTLY HOW THE MOUSEPADS WILL LOOK! I will keep this blog updated with how the pads are coming along under the tag #mousepad-project. The turnaround expected time is approximately 40 days for me to receive the mousepads and ship them out to you. After I’ve received the mousepads, you will be e-mailed and you’ll have around a week to cancel out the rest of the payment + shipping, and I’ll be sending it your way!

These are limited in quantities of course and I’m not having a ton made of each obviously, so the safest way to get the one you want is to pre-order! 

——>!!!PREORDER HERE!!!!!!!<——

EDIT: Answering some questions  I’ve gotten about these!

The $10+shipping of preorder is NOT a fee, it counts towards the total $25 of the mousepad! Meaning once I receive the mousepads, all you’ll have to pay is $15.00 USD to receive it!!! 

The mousepads that are leftover after preorders will go up for instant buy when I have them, these will NOT be any cheaper or more expensive than preorder, all same price! Preordering is just for people who want to make sure they get the mousepad that they want in case I might run out of it!

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